flash s(h)ites

I have no flash based sites whatsoever in my favourites. Not even one. I checked again, as I though I must have even bookmarked a couple of fancy dan flashers for reference, but nope, all clean.Out of nearly 200 links in my del.icio.us account there’s only a couple and they’re only there because I myself am in the business of making the aforementioned fancy dan flash sites and like to er… seek influence whenever I can.

Are flash sites basically useless as an information tool for users, or at least as a tool to entice repeat users?Are they just one hit wonders, all style and no substance.

Even with the back/forward thing sorted out with excellent swfaddress script it still seems a bit more work to use a flash site than an html based on a regular basis. For the record, I’ve got tons of ajax based tools in my bookmarks.

I’m off to find some decent flash sites to use regularly, just so I don’t put myself out of a job.

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